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Poking my nose up for air…

Hello friends! Long time no see!

It’s been a little over 3 three months since I began my going-back-to-work adventure after 9 years at home with kids and I have to say, I miss spending time with my Cool Broads!

I’m home with a sick 5 year-old this morning and as I attempt to do a little “work” and put out a few fires remotely, I find myself wanting to catch up on a little bloggin’ instead.

It’s so quiet in the house right now…I’m kind of missing my old SAHM days.

All in all, the job is going pretty well. We’ve fallen into a routine that so far seems workable, the fact that I’m employed in a struggling economy makes me thankful, and the longest the dog has gone without food is 48 hours (not too bad).

I am, however, working on carving out a little extra time in my workday to post my observations regarding Cool Broadism in the workplace, and believe you me, I’ve got plenty of fodder.

But one thing I’ve learned, the Cool Broad work ethic isn’t gender specific. Both men and women can exhibit qualities associated with being a Cool Broad. And both men and women can seriously lack those qualities as well.

For instance, there’s the 24 year-old who loves to bemoan the fact that she’s “getting soooo old” whenever she’s around me.

There’s the CEO who, once I’d completed a branding strategy presentation that took 4 weeks to put together, looked at my boss and said, “Is she kidding?”

And then there’s the co-worker, who decided to tell the CFO, a VP, and various other high level managers that I’d seriously screwed up a major piece of data, without considering that a quick phone call to discuss the issue with me before making a public declaration that the sky is falling, might have been a better way to go.

Oh, and by the way, the data was perfect.

So, as you can see, our work is never done.

That Cool Broad must never die.

Until next time…or until I get Dooced, whichever comes first!


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