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Who is that cool broad?

“She’s one helluva broad.”

I love that expression. For me, it evokes the image of a strong woman with a kick ass sense of humor, who’s unafraid of what others may think of her and is completely comfortable in her own skin. She’s not afraid to reveal her weaknesses and she’s not afraid to speak up. And while she’s stylish and sexy and the envy of every woman, she has the empathy and grace needed to be her best friend.

That Cool Broad is the woman we all aspire to be. James Wolcott once said, “I use ‘broad’ as a moniker of respect for a woman who knows how to throw a mean right.” That about sums it up, don’t you think?

How many Cool Broads do you know? Probably not as many as you’d think, right? It’s not hard finding beautiful women out there (all carrying the perfect handbag, of course), but very few of them deserve the title “Cool Broad”. So where did all the Cool Broads go? My theory is that the social-climbers, the uber-competitive supermoms, and the unoriginal fashionistas have snuffed them out. But maybe it’s more realistic (albeit not as much fun) to assume that there’s a Cool Broad in everyone just itching to get out.

And that’s why I’m here. I’ve decided that I want to become “that cool broad” and I started this blog to chronicle my journey toward that goal. My posts recount the adventures I have, the observations I make, and the insights and information I gather as I grapple with the challenges of becoming the coolest broad I know.

The final product will be a set of rules which will be for me (and hopefully for you), a good starting point for carrying yourself as only a Cool Broad would.

So, chime in when you get the urge, come back often (or subscribe to my blog via RSS feed or E-mail), share articles you feel are worthy, join the fun on Facebook and Twitter, download a badge, and bring other Cool Broads into the fold.

But most of all, just be cool.


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